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Märklin 608018 decoder

The Märklin 608018 is a regulated decoder for the Märklin models of the MaK G1204 diesels (145 mm model length). It can be used as an upgrade for older MaK models.

The 608018 is based on the 701.22B chip. Function F0 is used for the direction dependent lights. Function F4 turns acceleration/brake delay on and off. No other functions are used in the decoder. Maximum speed and acceleration/brake delay can be adjusted with potentiometers. There is the normal 8-bit DIP switch to select between 80 addresses.

Models that can be converted

Number: Description: Comment:
 33642, 37642  Swiss SBB Am 842 000  This model has the Swiss light change scheme. It is supported by the decoder but there are no wires for it, only solder pads on the decoder circuit board. See my 37642 internal wiring page.
 33645, 37645  German Tegernsee Bahn 14  I have converted a 37645 successfully.
 (37646)  German Dortmunder Eisenbahn 32   The 37646 already has this decoder mounted from the factory. No need for conversion.

Pictures of the decoder

home : electronics : Märklin 608018 decoder

Last edited September 2, 2012